My favorite 30 Images from my recent fall UP trip in Michigan

UP fall 2018 Images
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Bryan in the Trap Hills area of the Ottawa National Forest (near Bruce Crossing, MI) on a rainy day close to peak color.

Waterfall Wednesday – West Branch Falls on West Branch Yellow Dog River

West Branch Falls (West Branch Yellow Dog Falls on Google Maps) are in the north half of the McCormick Wilderness, part of the Ottawa National Forest. The area is in one of the most isolated parts of Michigan’s Upper Peninsula, northwest of Marquette, in the southern part of the Huron Mountains. (yes, you read that correct).

Camping in the wilderness is amazing. There are no amenities and no established campsites, other than if you sometimes see where others have camped. I prefer to follow leave no trace and make sure no one can tell where I camped. There is a good chance you won’t see another person while in the backcountry there. One of my favorite parts of Michigan.

The wilderness area is off-trail hiking for the most part however there is a trail to the falls. It’s about 1 ½ miles from the north trailhead. Getting to this trailhead can be tricky and somewhat of an adventure.

There are a few ways to reach the trailhead but this is the easiest. Take County Road 550 (Big Bay Road) about 22 miles north from Marquette towards Big Bay. Two miles before Big Bay, turn left on County Road 510.  Drive southwest about 3 miles where you will stay on the paved road but it becomes Triple A (AAA) Road.  510 veers to the left going south. Go west on Triple A Road for 14 miles (passing the Eagle Mine), until it intersects with Ford Road.  The road is paved until the mine entrance (makes it easier now, but not better IMO) and this is where directions get trickier. You won’t see many signs helping you out, mostly snowmobile rout signs.

Stay on Triple A road which will now be dirt but a decent road. You will come to a sometimes sandy road to the north, this is Anderson Crossing I believe. I’ve never seen a sign here. Keep going west on Triple A. Just past the crossing the road will curve to the south (left) and a little further Triple A turns back to the west (right), stay straight, which is Ford Road. Again, I’ve never seen a road sign. The trailhead is about 2 miles from here.

On Ford Road you will pass a backwoods home and a sign that asks you to go slow (if it’s still there). When you start getting 2 miles from the last intersection start looking for a 2-track road on your left. If you veer to the right and back west on Ford Road, pass a house and start going uphill you missed the 2-track.

If you found it congrats! If is been raining you might have to drive through a large water hole. I’ve driven my Ford Escape through it no problem. A couple hundred yards down the 2-track ends with a sign for the McCormick Wilderness area, a board with maps and a registration station. You know, in case you get lost back there. J

Start hiking down the trail to the right of the Wilderness sign until you reach the small river. Then hike off trail, uphill and upstream to the falls. Also if you want you can cross the river and when you get to the next branch of the river you can hike upstream to Bulldog Falls, or Yellow Dog Falls. Which is confusing because there is another waterfall back on road 510 called Yellow Dog Falls or Yellow Dog River Falls. It depends on the map, what you read and who you ask.

Now, you can get to the north trailhead from Highway 41/28 along the Peshekee Grade (County Road 607, Huron Bay Grade) that leads to the south trailhead of McCormick. I’ve done it but the drive was slow and not easy on the car. Don’t expect any road signs but expect very rough dirt roads. A high clearance truck would make things much easier.

Have fun exploring!

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