Downtown Chicago Street Photography – From the hip

Last week I shot some iPhone photos as I spent a few days with my kids in downtown Chicago (while my wife was at one of her work sites in the city). Mostly “shooting from the hip” style (like the master¬†Scott Strazzante) of the sights as we wandered.¬† You hold the camera phone to your side and shoot images as you walk along the street. I’ve also done this with a DSLR camera. Its a style of street photography where you can catch people just doing their thing. They don’t “change” for the camera as when you hold one up to your eye to make a photo.
I didn’t take the time to really focus on any photography because I find it real difficult to do when I’m hanging out with my kids. They get tired of it real easy so doing it this way doesn’t take any time at all.
These were all shot with my iPhone. I only ever got the big camera out once when we were on top of the building of 360Chicago.
I haven’t even looked at those yet. Also, a few of these were composed looking at the screen, can you tell which ones?
Thanks for looking and let me know if you have any questions. Email Me