Postcards from Michigan

Would you like a personalized postcard mailed to you? Ya, in the mail? With a cool Michigan landscape image?

These postcards are not for sending to other people (you can order postcards for mailing to others HERE), but rather I send one to you! Its a way you can support my photography and have a little fun the old way.

Each Michigan postcard will be sent by regular snail mail from the post office. So not for sending to others but for you! I will however include a hand written note from me and a signature. Maybe a quote I like, maybe a short sentence or two about the location or how the image was made. I think this will be a fun way to connect the old fashioned way. If you’re into collecting this sort of stuff, it might be a cool addition to your collection. Its a low cost way for you to have one of my images printed with a personal note. Plus its fun.

So how much are they? Well, you get to choose. I’ll send you a postcard for as little as two bucks! With a few other options as well. However much you are able to contribute toward helping me continue my pursuit of landscape photography without using another online platform for that. Everyone gets the same postcards no matter the price they choose.

Right now I’m planning on sending out cards about the 15th of each month, starting in July, 2021. So depending on where you live you should see the card in your mailbox, remember those, by the end of the month.

NOTE: Images will not have text on them, text only on back.

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